About MN Brands For Good

Minnesota Brands For Good is a locally owned company helping student groups maximize their fundraising with the best-selling Minnesota made products. We partner with schools, sports teams, arts and activity clubs and other student groups to raise funds and reach goals!

Our Story

It started with us, two moms with 15 years of friendship, career highlights and a shared discontent with the same ol’ fundraisers our kids were bringing home. Inspired by a community of trendy up-and-coming Minnesota brands – MN Brands For Good was created! Our vision for this new marketplace is to bridge Minnesota businesses, community and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Together we can continue to make new opportunities available to students all over our great state. We know you will enjoy shopping this collection of amazing Minnesota brands!

Why MN Brands For Good?

We help Minnesota student groups reach their goals, dreams and aspirations 

We give Minnesota brands a platform for community impact

Supporters get clever, trendy and locally made products from brands they can trust