Helping A MN Maker Succeed...

Last Saturday was the seventh annual HAMMS event at the Urban Growler in St. Paul. This pop up market, like the Lowertown Pop event, is a fundraising event organized and beautifully executed by event Co-founder Becky Sturm of StormSister Spatique. Usually we attend these events to #shoplocal and cheer on other MN makers. You know how we are always scouting new potential brands to invite into the MN Brands For Good catalog program. But this time (and with 24 hours notice) we got the opportunity to EXHIBIT and sell product "cash-and-carry-style" from our Spring 2019 fundraising catalog.  We quickly pulled together our products and came ready to share our mission, passion for MN and ... the ultimate fundraiser for MN groups and non-profits!

How we "Fared"

We thoroughly enjoyed stepping into the maker's shoes a little bit as we set up our MN Brands for Good table and strategized the best ways to highlight each product and brand. We were able to really spotlight the beautiful packaging and wraps on the Essence One, Mademoiselle Miel, and Kind Lips. Event attendees were able to sample Dark Chocolate from Mademoiselle Miel, Duo Popcorn from Hip Pop Popcorn, and Cinnamon Honey from Bare Honey.  We had a chance to tell people what we love about these brands and share the stories behind Junita's Jar and Triple Crown BBQ Sauce. The scale and atmosphere of the venue created a personal experience for everyone who attended. The best part: we were able to put 40% of the days profits towards groups who are fundraising right now!

A Community of Makers

Now, we can speak with first-hand knowledge about the camaraderie and partnership that these events promote amongst each brand that showcases their goodies. Our neighbors for this event were an incredible team from Sebesta Apothecary. As Kim from Sebesta Apothecary stated, "We are all in this together". They were the best booth neighbors we could have asked for, sharing tips, tricks, and best practices; they also generously gave us sampling sticks so event attendees could try the goodies on our table. Only in Minnesota, right? At the end of the event, Sebesta Apothecary won the prize for being the most popular booth (with the most blue tickets!). We were so happy for to see them win and we will continue to cheer them on!

Our Passion for the Products

It was really rewarding to share our passion for the products and brand stories in the Spring catalog.  Although, we probably intimated more than a little of our exuberance to everyone who stopped by our table, we would like to think we also shared what is truly special and unique about MN local artisan products. The photo below is the MN gift basket we held a drawing for, during the event. 

Find all of these goodies and more the Spring Catalog here: MN Brands for Good Spring 2019