There are more than a thousand active high school musicians studying various mediums throughout Maple Grove High School, and the Crimson Music Boosters are dedicated to helping them reach their goals, be it choral, winds, brass, strings, percussion or any of the other offerings in the program. Each year the Maple Grove Music Boosters facilitate at least five fundraisers to help support the growing needs of the program. This Spring, the Music Booster Board partnered with Maple Grove based MN Brands For Good to conduct one final fundraising campaign and finish the school year on a high note.

Through the sale of 100% MN made products, the spring fundraiser raises money for various music program needs. This time the boosters have planned to dedicate all of the profits from their MN Brands for Good Fundraiser on next school year’s music clinics. These clinics and workshops offer a highly focused, specialized musical training for Maple Grove High School students. The ability to offer this type of concentrated instruction from community musicians is one of the reasons the Maple Grove High School music program is so successful. The students have the opportunity to advance their skills and passions for a craft honed not in elite private academies, but in the MN public school system!

Maple Grove High School Orchestra Concert Programs
Crimson Band Concert, Spring 2019 final concert of the school year

Thanks to the generous support of a dedicated music booster board, parents, friends and family as well as a highly motivated student fundraising body, unique opportunities like focused music workshops are possible! We were thrilled to engage with the dedicated community at Maple Grove High School during the band and orchestra concerts last week.  It was our pleasure to listen to the director's heartfelt senior send-offs and lend a hand with a product table made possible by MN brands like Hip Pop Popcorn, Kind Lips, Bare Honey, Mademoiselle Miel, Lollidale, Triple Crown BBQ SauceJunita's Jar Cookies and Essence One. There is one last chance to support this great program at the Maple Grove Choir this Friday, so don’t miss out! If you would like to read more about the Crimson Music Boosters, check out their website and stay tuned for more from these student performers!